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About Ballistic Batteries

Ballistic Batteries are PRO cycled five (5)times!!! This ensures that you get the true, stable numbers you pay for and your pack is ready to hit the track when you receive it. Ballistic R/C Batteries are trained specifically for optimum R/C racing performance. At Ballistic we put time into the process so you get more out of it! All Ballistic Batteries are charged at 5 amps and discharged at 30 amps on Competition Electronics Turbo Matchers. We use a .90 voltage cutoff and a 5000 discharge end time. Each and every Ballistic cell goes through our Intense Voltage (I.V.)Processing System. This system produces a permanent result of increased voltage and decreased internal resistance. Ballistic maintains their equipment to exact factory calibrations, which along with our proven battery cycling method, ensures you the tightest, most consistent, accurate, true and reliable packs available. Why go slow... when you can go BALLISTIC!!!

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