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Stock Halo/Reloader B/Pulse Battery & Charger

This is a direct fit, high performance stock voltage rechargeable battery pack for the Halo/Reloader B and Pulse hopper - This pack produces the same voltage as a stock 6 cell alakaline battery pack. No modifications required. This pack is assembled in house - It is hand soldered using only the highest quality cells and assembly materials that bigger companies simply can't compete with. This pack has been in testing for over five months in real playing conditions with great success.
Enough juice to power your loader for 11+ cases of paint
Smaller and Lighter (3.1oz) than the stock 6 AA battery setup
Same voltage as the stock 6 AA battery setup
Higher BPS rate than the stock 6 AA battery setup
Pack is rechargeable with a separate charging lead
Includes a 4 hour wall charger   
Included 6 month warranty of pack
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